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Congratulations to Lauren Fowler and Sharon Miles on Passing their PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Technical and Recreational Scuba Diving for qualified Divers

Join us on the South Coast for a skills and training session for Technical or Recreational Scuba

About Us
We are a group of divers with over 70+ members  who dive most weeks all year round and are joined by divers either wanting to progress in both Recreational and Technical diving on both Open and Closed Circuit apparatus.
Our dive group is passionate about diving and safety always comes first. Members consist of Instructors/Divemasters from PADI ,IANTD and divers qualified in TDI, BSAC to depths of 100m with experience of worldwide locations such as Egypt, Jamaica, Scapa flow (Scotland) Turkey, Greece, Malta, Lanzarote, Balearic Isles, Okinawa (Japan), Normandy, Italy  and the South Coast of England.
All qualified divers are welcome to join us for a dive but must have their own kit. Courses can be arranged through our instructors and having a pre-dive with us we can then advise on  and tailor the best course from recreational PADI courses to Technical courses.

What is Tec Diving

Technical scuba diving involves going beyond recreational scuba diving limits and includes one or more of the following: ⦁ Diving beyond 40 metres/130 feet ⦁ Required stage decompression ⦁ Diving in an overhead environment beyond 40 linear metres/130 linear feet of the surface ⦁ Accelerated decompression and/or the use of variable gas mixtures during the dive ⦁ Use of extensive equipment and technologies In technical diving the surface is often inaccessible in an emergency, so tec divers use extensive procedures, equipment and training to manage the added risks and potential hazards. For Course details click on learn more

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PADI Courses

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors is a recreational diving membership and diver training organization. PADI is the world's leading scuba diver training organization. For Course details click on learn more.

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Rob Fowler


Rob started diving in 1985, mainly diving abroad and in 2005 qualified with PADI. In 2011 gained PADI instructor and holds MSDT qualification. With an interest in Tec diving he attended Tek-Camp and was converted to Tec diving gaining IANTD Tec Instructor for both O/C and CCR AP Rebreather and qualified to dive it to 100m he is also qualified on the JJ Rebreather.

George Birch


George started his diving with the military in 1973 and qualified as a BSAC diver, he later attained his Sub Aqua Diving Supervisor (SADS) qualification he has dived and taught in Singapore, Malaya, Belize, Norway, Spain,Cyprus,Germany and UK. in 2012 he attended Tek Camp and converted to Technical Diving and now dives Rebreathers , using Poseidon MK7 and JJ to 100m and AP units to 40m. A keen underwater Videographer he keeps us amused with our weekly blog write-ups.

Ian Jones

TDI/PADI Dive Master

Ian started diving in 2012 and is qualified as a PADI Divemaster with extensive diving and training in the UK and in egypt. He progressed on to technical diving where he qualified as a PADI Tec-sidemount, Tec Deep and Heliox diver before converting to ccr. Ian's main diving is on the JJ CCR unit and qualified as TDI Advanced Mixed diver(100m)

Dyan Kew


Dyan has been diving for 4 years and is qualified to dive TEK Twinset, Side-mount and Poseidon CCR MOD1. Having dived extensively in Egypt and South Coast of England and can be seen at vobster and NDAC. Soon to start her passion in photography Dyan is our longest female member and well respected within the group but would like to meet and dive with other female divers.

During the event of Covid 19 Lockdown 1 we have been fortunate to have guest speakers talk about their various projects that they have been working on and these can be seen via Zoom links on our southern-divers facebook page.

The list of presenters and topics are below for those that want a reminder:   

Sat 28th March Marcus Blatchford Intro to Photogrammetry.  Not recorded

Sat 4th April Dave Gration Malta Heritage.    Not recorded

Sat 11th April Phil Short Gribshunden 1495 Baltic Sea Archaeology

Sat 18th April Ian France Veggfjellan IX, cave.

Sat 25th April Martin Robson The Blue Lake dive to 200+Meters

Sat 2nd May Tim Clements "Crater in the Ocean, a Cenote at 70 meters"

Sat 9th May Chris Lemons Last Breath.

Sat 16th May Phil Short Tulsamerican.

Sat 23rd May Connor Roe Thai Cave Rescue.    Not recorded

Sat 30th May Rick Ayrton The Britannic.

Sat 6th June David Russell The Kursk Incident

Sat 13th June Andy Torbet Technical; Diving on the TV.

Sat 20th June Dr Mark Turner PFO and DCI's.

Sat 27th June Martin Robson Digging to the Centre of the Earth.

Lockdown 2, the return:

Sat 14th November Gavin Newman Mini Subs

Sat 21st November Rachael Priest "Scapa Flow: Life beyond the wrecks...".

Sat 28th November Phil Short "30 years underground"

Lockdown 3, the final:

Saturday 16th January   Billy Baxter talking about life as a blindman.  An inspirational chat.

Saturday 30th January  Dennis Mears of Predator Drysuits, talking about looking after our Drysuits.

Saturday 13th February Ray Ives talking about his life underwater.

Saturday 27th February  John Halladay talking about Greenpeace, his involvement.

Saturday 6th March Rob Summers and Darren Hector talking about cylinders.

Saturday 13th March  Rick Ayrton talking about the Malin Head Classics.

 Saturday 27th March Aron Arngrimsson founder of Dirty Dozens Expeditions telling us about the amazing diving in Truk and Bikini

Thank you to all who participated both as audience, or as a presenter, you helped to keep us sane, now let's go diving, stay safe.

Congratulations to Sharon Miles and Lauren Fowler on passing their PADI Advanced Open Water Course, well done to you both, thanks to George Birch, Simon Jones and Elaine Fowler for their assistance.

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PADI Open Water

Congratulations to Lauren Fowler on passing her PADI Open Water

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Originally there was going to be 8 on the Sea Leopard for 8-9th August ‘20, unfortunately, due to compassionate leave Jack was excused, so Ty and Joe, Father and Son team Mark and Dan, Rob, Les and me, so after the mandatory HSE and COVID safety briefs we set off for the HMS Boudicea, a WWII Destroyer out of Portland.  All under the watchful eyes of Al, Freda and Minxy Wright.   It was a very sociable midday ropes off.   The sea was flat calm and just under 2 hours later we were on site, because the others arrived the night before and had pinched the best seats Rob, Les and I had the furthest positions from the lift, again!!! Al positioned the shot perfectly on the wreck, the Boudicea sits upright on a sandy seabed in about 51 metres of water and is absolutely covered in marine life and her armaments, guns, depth charge launchers, the depth charges themselves, an amazing wreck.   I had my Hugyfot housing for the GoPro but with 2 bailout cylinders felt it may have been too much so I bottled it and used my GoPro4 over my light for the video, I was kicking myself afterwards though.     It was such an enjoyable dive, and when Rob thumbed it at the 40 minute mark all 3 of us wished we could have stayed longer, which is always the danger of outstaying your welcome, as it was we had a further hour to get to the surface safely.   The Boudicea has certainly become one of my favourite wrecks and I can't wait for the return visit, how I'd never heard of it before was incredible.  It was brilliant having Les with us on a boat again, and apart from getting soaked through a leak I think he enjoyed it, mind you doing a 51 metre 110 minute runtime in a flooded suit, I have to take my hat off to him, well done, Les you're a star bar.Personally, I can't thank Al and Freda enough for their hospitality on the Sea Leopard, it was an amazing day, and the next day, Sunday was going to be the Salsette. To be continued..... see video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C41uZkf8030 

What a fantastic weekend we had aboard the Sea Leopard, hosted by Al, Freda and Minxy Wright. In all honesty, it was the best weekends diving I have had in years, the wrecks were sublime, (Boudiccea and Salsette) the weather incredible, our hosts amazing and we could not have asked for better dive buddies. Thank you so much to all for making it so, I'm still buzzing.

After an amazing sunset on Saturday evening, we were greeted to early ropes off at 7:00 am, Les had taken a soaking yesterday so sat this one out.   6 merry travellers were soon en route to the MV Salsette to dive the majestic P&O Liner in 46 metres.  Three pairs of Ty and Joe, Mark and Dan, and me and Rob.     It was my second time diving her and it was amazing, great viz, which was much disputed, some estimates put it at 4-6, personally, in parts it was definitely 6-8 metres anyway our run time was a generous 106 minutes and it was brilliant.  And I took the Hugyfot housing in Woo Hoo!!


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Rob Summers
Evo Carve
Rob Morgan

On Friday a few of us travelled down to St Andrews Lakes in Kent for a dive in a Quarry that Jack's mate Bob helps to run, I still had the dogs so was running late but the guys managed to get a night dive in plus RobS and Jack got one in during the day.    We had a nice BBQ on Friday evening, somehow it felt warm so it was really pleasant.    RobF and I were expecting to kip on bedding rolls with sleeping bags on the floor of the men's changing rooms but RobS and Jack had brought their Motorhomes so we dossed in with them, RobM, jumped into a static caravan, occupied by Bob when onsite and had his own bedroom, and he was offered a cooked breakfast!The site is pretty much portacabins, and although it is quite basic at present, has the potential to be awesome in the future, there is a nice flat parking area close to the water's edge, there are a few kitting up benches, it has a beach entry feel about it. There are toilets, a small shop, changing rooms, classroom, and a cafe will be opening soon. There are tea and coffee facilities though.There are a number of attractions connected by different coloured lines which I'm sure someone will explain, and the depth is about 35 meters at its deepest, it's 7C in the water at 34 meters, but basically its a circuit, but there is the opportunity to go off-piste to look for the unmarked attractions.Our plan was to look for 2 small boats which had been sunk by mischievous youths a year ago, to mark them and if possible raise them on a later dive.But I digress.   We had Mark and Kerry,  3 Robs,  (Fowler,  Morgan and Summers), Jack and me, plus a few more of Jacks buddies from Southend, Maria and Jamie. (He's getting very popular!!)

Jack bailed on Saturdays diving due to the onset of a cold, (it made him snore so much I thought it was a train station the night before) the Southend crew were doing their own thing, Mark and Kerry wanted to dive together and do a low-pressure bimble and so were left to their own devices.    Bob had a small inflatable with an outboard which belongs to one of the divemasters, Tim, which would hold 2 divers, and so the plan was for him to take the twins in the boat with Rob Morgan and myself being towed behind, to the far side of the lake to a rough area where the boats had been spotted by a previous sidescan survey, drop in a 10KG weight with an empty lift bag attached and drop it in, we would then descend, RobM would man the shot, the twins would deploy a line to use as a Jackstay to use as a search line and a circular search pattern.  Just for a change, I would be videoing.    Signals had been agreed and refined on the surface to a point where everybody was happy and so we, RobM and I, entered the water.  The twins boarded the little boat, Bob got in and started the engine and after letting them get a safe distance, RobM and I swam to the line, made our handholds and got ready for a luxurious tow across the lake.
The engine cut out. Bob tried numerous times to restart before deciding he would row us across. This lake is huge, Bob is the same age as me, nearly 40, OK, plus another 25, anyway not a chance, so we binned the mission and decided for a bimble. Bob did row us over to another buoy to start from though, The twins rolled backwards, into the water, had they rolled forwards they'd still be on the boat, ba-bum, and we started our descent to 6 meters for a bubble check, RobS got a CO2 alarm, turned his dive and ascended. Me and the 2 Robs finished our checks and dropped down the line to about 33 meters, now remember I said there were coloured lines? I wish we'd have paid more attention to what each colour meant, anyway off we went, Rob leading, followed by Rob, with me at the back with the camera, before you ask, I don't know who was leading, the viz wasn't that good, actually, I do, it was RobF, he has a yellow box on his unit and yellow fin tips to match, RobS has everything Blue and wasn't with us, RobM has everything all black and I was the one with one white and one blue headlamp, one of my lights flooded through the faulty switch. Anyway, off we went around the circuit, twice, I wasn't the only one that didn't remember the colour code. For me, I think we've been spoiled by the brill viz at Vobster and NDAC lately so I was a little disappointed by the viz here, but in reality, it wasn't that bad. 2-3 meters in places, maybe a bit more or less in others. It is a brilliant site for trainees to do a very short surface swim before dropping down a shot to a target depth, in that respect it is very much like UK Channel diving. On the way around RobF had to gratify his Yobbo itch by leaving some graffiti on a poor unsuspecting truck. Personally, I'm so pleased we made the effort to go to support Jack, supporting his mate Bob.
The staff were all exceptionally friendly, the site is basic, for the moment, but as I said earlier, the potential is immense.
I think we all had a good time it was nice to meet Mark's partner, Kerry, and their (dog) baby Harvey.
People say that Kent is the garden of England so there was only one piece of music I could use for the video.
Here it is:

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Well done to Mike Jackson and Elijah King on passing their ART  course, well done guys well deserved Special thanks to George Birch, for safety diver,, and having a spare suit on the last day, Elaine Fowler for surface cover and les Gallagher for his twinset and regs, very much  appreciated thank you very much

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Six of us went to Scapa Flow at the end of October 2019 for a week of diving staying on board the MV Karin with John Thornton. An excellent week of diving and some good weather helped. The divers were George Birch, Ian Jones, Simon Jones, Rob Fowler, Dave Baker, Jason Paterson and Fabio Bisciotti.

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Congratulations to George Skinner Patrick Boarer and Hayley Desmond on passing their IANTD ART course today with 2 excellent deco planned  dives at NDAC to round off the course. well done to you all. Special thanks to George Birch, Les Gallagher, Ian Jones, Elaine Fowler Dyan Kew for safety diver and surface support, thank you.

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There was a right mixed bag at Vobster yesterday with a couple of surprises, Christopher Clarke turned up and Linda Williams and Marcus Blatchford brought Poppy with them, she's a darling that won everybody's hearts, especially when she donned a JJ. Linda went in first for a skills session then Marcus for the second dive which was an MB tour. Robert Morgan went for a bimble with Chris so I can't report what went on there but they said they enjoyed it. Linda's skill session was cut short due to a leak on her unit at depth but was very useful none the less. Marcus Blatchford took us for one of his famous tours on which I saw things I've never seen before, I never knew we had a Lego-Land down there.
We swam through a few shoals of Fry and Fingerlings (I had to look that up, the collective noun for a shoal of baby fish) and played at 1 meter in the shallows. It was a terrific day as per usual. The only downside was there wasn't too much food to talk about, a few Jam Doughnuts, apple and blackberry pies and some Muffins. The staff got half anyway.
Here's a bit of video:


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Jack and I joined Coast2Coast divers at Poole to go on Rocket yesterday to play on The Reindeer/Spyro. The day was billed as, do the dive, then head in towards the shore and watch the Bournemouth Air Show whilst having a BBQ on board. Life doesn't always go as planned, it was a fair way out, just off the IOW the unfortunate thing was we got down to the wreck and the viz was pants (with a capital P), after about 5 minutes I'd lost Jack, the other mistake I made was taking the Hugyfot housing and lights I'd have been far better off with just the GoPro over the light. After half an hour of poodling about in the dark and not seeing much I headed north. I digress, the dive was poop, the weather had closed in, the air show was cancelled, the cheeseburgers were awesome, our new dive buddies great and the overall experience brill and I would definitely go with them again if they'd have us.

Here's a bit of video:

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August Bank holiday was a trip down to Newquay with Rob Summers, I left to drive at 12:00 mid day and at 2pm I was still in Salisbury, traffic was horrendous, I finally got to robs in Yeovil at 4pm, a quick cuppa and load the van and we were away. A much more smoother run to Newquay and we arrived at around 7pm at our hotel. Saturday morning we drove down to the port and unloaded our gear on the harbour and waited  the other divers and skipper to turn up. the plan was to do a 60m dive but the wind was offshore so we dived the Lake Eden which sits at approx. 42m. :

Wreck: Lake Eden


once back rob topped up my cylinders from a decant line and some 15L cylinders with O2 and Trimix. we headed back to the hotel and showered and went for something to eat. The next morning we walked down to the van to load up via the beach. The weather couldn't have been better for a bank holiday with lovely sunshine and blue skies and hardly a breeze. todays plan was to dive the wreck HMS Warwick in 60m. Again viz was amazing and another 110 minute dive. Thanks to James and skipper chris of Atlantic Divers, and to Rob Summers for the dives and Videos.

HMS Warwick:


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Can't compete with the Twins diving out of Newquay, it looked awesome. Jack and I went to NDAC on Friday for a play in the other pit and it was brill, 73 meters, 40 minutes off-gassing, 93 minute run time, beautiful weather, a fantastic day. There were only about 20 divers in total, but 180 waterpark users. They are going to close off the area under the attraction to divers so I feel a visit is in order before then, it will take scooters to do it though. There are 90 anchor points with ropes connected to bungees holding it all in place and the depths of the anchors are at 40 and 60 meters, it's going to look like a second world war anti-submarine net or an underwater minefield, anyway I'd like to see it. We did only the one at NDAC had some lunch and drove off to Vobster and parked up for the night in the lane. On Saturday, with the weather so good, the quarry was pretty empty so Jack and I decided to do a half circuit via the old rescue boat, you'll be pleased to note there isn't much video from Vobster as we wanted to swim side by side, so I turned the camera to a right angle and therefore it only picked up ambient light, lesson learned there then. The visibility is a lot better than it looks on video. A few weeks back, RobF borrowed my JJ and he didn't like the tube weights in it, so when he returned it I thought I'd leave them out too, to see if I could get down without them, now bear in mind I've had the JJ almost a year and done over a 100 dives on it, I'm very comfy on it and have always had the tube weights in. On my crossover course, I struggled to descend and had weights attached by cam bands, well bugger me if I had no issues getting down without the weights. So here's the biggest issue, my gas usage has dropped dramatically, I've never been a guzzler and I'm one of the biggest supporters of the message "Don't get hung up on how much gas you use", it's not a competition and you don't get refunds on gas not used. However, after the 2 dives on Friday and Saturday, it was a dramatic drop. So why mention it? Easy, I thought I was an OK diver, very comfortable in the water, even if I don't look it, in this current dive life of only 7 and a half years I've rarely carried out a weight check, yes I've done them on courses, but mainly to see if I could get down and not if I was correctly weighted.
It proves you can teach an old dog new tricks and you're never too old to learn.


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What a day today was, 10 people turned up from the group and that's a lot of food to consume. The banter started first thing in the queue and it continued until all the cars had gone. Jason and Dave dived together, Jason on his AP in its new GBox and Dave on a RedBare. Ian and Dyan were playing with their new reels, I know I'm colour blind but I could have sworn Ian had the pink one and Dyan the Orange one. Rob and George played at twin skills and that left Pat and Hayley and Jack and me to go off on a foursome, we bubble checked and set off for the APC and by the time we got to the platforms, we were in two groups of two. Jack and I went to the APC and found we had been beaten to it by a bunch of OC divers that had had a competition to see who could obscure it the quickest. We didn't hang about and set off for the Jaquelin were we bumped into Ian and Dyan. Then it was the caravan where Jack practised his front crawl, the Poppy, SeaKing, Tunnel and out for tea and cakes, not before Jack played with a find which features on the video.
There was just too much food to mention, however, I do have to let everybody know that George brought Millionaire Shortbread and that he was very lucky when sampling it, every piece he picked up was fortunately stuck to another one, strange that. I tried to put some stills on of the food but I was too far away with the GoPro. Rob did a Jack and took his food home with him.
Dive 2 was real fun, Dyan sat it out though and Jack took the scooter in, the plan was for Pat and Hayley to lead and the rest of us following on but prepared to take the scooter, Jack, Ian, George, Pat and I all had a play on it, terrific fun. Rob nicked one of my bailouts and at some point passed it to George, later I took it back, When it was George's turn on the scooter I hooked a Jon line onto his D ring and grabbed a tow and Ian grabbed my frame, a conga without the singing.
After the dive somebody moved Rob's unit from his boot and replaced it with a wheelie bin, I don't think he noticed until somebody else pointed it out to him.
In between dives we met a Polish couple that may join the group, Bartek and Natalia Banasiak. Mind you after reading this they may not want to play.


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Scapa Flow Trip

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