About Us
We are a group of divers with over 70+ members  who dive most weeks all year round and are joined by divers either wanting to progress in both Recreational and Technical diving on both Open and Closed Circuit apparatus.
Our dive group is passionate about diving and safety always comes first. Members consist of Instructors/Divemasters from PADI ,IANTD and divers qualified in TDI, BSAC to depths of 100m with experience of worldwide locations such as Egypt, Jamaica, Scapa flow (Scotland) Turkey, Greece, Malta, Lanzarote, Balearic Isles, Okinawa (Japan), Normandy, Italy  and the South Coast of England.
All qualified divers are welcome to join us for a dive but must have their own kit. Courses can be arranged through our instructors and having a pre-dive with us we can then advise on  and tailor the best course from recreational PADI courses to Technical courses.