11 Aug

So what did we do yesterday? Oh yes for a change, the weather was a tad blowy, it was raining pretty much on and off in spurts all day, nothing too bad, so a trip to Vobster was in order. Ian and Dyan couldn't make it, Les was in his sickbed, RobS was working, Jack was eating his millionaire shortcake I'm sure everybody else had reasons not to play like being on holiday or such like. (Simon). RobF, Hayley, George Skinner, Tony Matthews and I went for a bimble, it was so noisy down there I could hardly hear my self laughing. We bubble checked then George and Tony led to the APC, ladder, back to the APC, Jaquelin, and wheelhouse. Tony and George left us so Rob, Hayley and I went to the caravan, Poppy, SeaKing and back up, we launched DSMB's (I used the inflator rather than the CO2 cylinders, hmmm need to practise that some more). There was far too much cake to mention, but I'll have a go, Apple pies, Apple and blackcurrant pies, (my new favourites) jam doughnuts, cookies, chocolate muffins, lemon cakes, cheese and onion rolls and allegedly millionaire shortcake but I believe an individual hogged them (Skinner) never seen one of them. Dive 2 was down the tunnel, then to the Humber, around the planes and back, the viz around there was a bit ropey but the 12-meter platform is like being in a bath, toasty!! It was another fun day with great food, a bit of banter, brill company and good diving. Here's a small video:


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