18 Aug

What a day today was, 10 people turned up from the group and that's a lot of food to consume. The banter started first thing in the queue and it continued until all the cars had gone. Jason and Dave dived together, Jason on his AP in its new GBox and Dave on a RedBare. Ian and Dyan were playing with their new reels, I know I'm colour blind but I could have sworn Ian had the pink one and Dyan the Orange one. Rob and George played at twin skills and that left Pat and Hayley and Jack and me to go off on a foursome, we bubble checked and set off for the APC and by the time we got to the platforms, we were in two groups of two. Jack and I went to the APC and found we had been beaten to it by a bunch of OC divers that had had a competition to see who could obscure it the quickest. We didn't hang about and set off for the Jaquelin were we bumped into Ian and Dyan. Then it was the caravan where Jack practised his front crawl, the Poppy, SeaKing, Tunnel and out for tea and cakes, not before Jack played with a find which features on the video.
There was just too much food to mention, however, I do have to let everybody know that George brought Millionaire Shortbread and that he was very lucky when sampling it, every piece he picked up was fortunately stuck to another one, strange that. I tried to put some stills on of the food but I was too far away with the GoPro. Rob did a Jack and took his food home with him.
Dive 2 was real fun, Dyan sat it out though and Jack took the scooter in, the plan was for Pat and Hayley to lead and the rest of us following on but prepared to take the scooter, Jack, Ian, George, Pat and I all had a play on it, terrific fun. Rob nicked one of my bailouts and at some point passed it to George, later I took it back, When it was George's turn on the scooter I hooked a Jon line onto his D ring and grabbed a tow and Ian grabbed my frame, a conga without the singing.
After the dive somebody moved Rob's unit from his boot and replaced it with a wheelie bin, I don't think he noticed until somebody else pointed it out to him.
In between dives we met a Polish couple that may join the group, Bartek and Natalia Banasiak. Mind you after reading this they may not want to play.


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