25 Aug

Can't compete with the Twins diving out of Newquay, it looked awesome. Jack and I went to NDAC on Friday for a play in the other pit and it was brill, 73 meters, 40 minutes off-gassing, 93 minute run time, beautiful weather, a fantastic day. There were only about 20 divers in total, but 180 waterpark users. They are going to close off the area under the attraction to divers so I feel a visit is in order before then, it will take scooters to do it though. There are 90 anchor points with ropes connected to bungees holding it all in place and the depths of the anchors are at 40 and 60 meters, it's going to look like a second world war anti-submarine net or an underwater minefield, anyway I'd like to see it. We did only the one at NDAC had some lunch and drove off to Vobster and parked up for the night in the lane. On Saturday, with the weather so good, the quarry was pretty empty so Jack and I decided to do a half circuit via the old rescue boat, you'll be pleased to note there isn't much video from Vobster as we wanted to swim side by side, so I turned the camera to a right angle and therefore it only picked up ambient light, lesson learned there then. The visibility is a lot better than it looks on video. A few weeks back, RobF borrowed my JJ and he didn't like the tube weights in it, so when he returned it I thought I'd leave them out too, to see if I could get down without them, now bear in mind I've had the JJ almost a year and done over a 100 dives on it, I'm very comfy on it and have always had the tube weights in. On my crossover course, I struggled to descend and had weights attached by cam bands, well bugger me if I had no issues getting down without the weights. So here's the biggest issue, my gas usage has dropped dramatically, I've never been a guzzler and I'm one of the biggest supporters of the message "Don't get hung up on how much gas you use", it's not a competition and you don't get refunds on gas not used. However, after the 2 dives on Friday and Saturday, it was a dramatic drop. So why mention it? Easy, I thought I was an OK diver, very comfortable in the water, even if I don't look it, in this current dive life of only 7 and a half years I've rarely carried out a weight check, yes I've done them on courses, but mainly to see if I could get down and not if I was correctly weighted.
It proves you can teach an old dog new tricks and you're never too old to learn.


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