11 Aug

Last weekend Rob finished off mine and Les's crossover to the AP Inspo CCR at NDAC, we spread it out over a few weeks and I have to say it was brilliant fun and very educational to play and learn a different system. Thanks, Rob. To that end, this week was all about swapping units and putting those new skills to use, Rob dived my unit, Les dived Robs and I dived Les's, next week we're even thinking of putting a twinset into the pot. Pat and Hayley were playing on OC so I joined them and Rob and Les went for a bimble. We knew the viz reports were awful and we were expecting it to be zero and in places it was, but in the pit, around the water tank and APC, it wasn't too bad at all, as you'll see in the video. On route to the pit we actually passed the Jaquelin but I never saw it much to the amusement of my 2 buddies. Oh well!!! At the break, there was apple pies, millionaire bites, chocolate bites, cookies, apple and blackcurrant pies, there were little cakes and other stuff but again I can't remember, sorry.

Dive 2 I joined Rob and Les and we headed for the crushing works for a skills session, we passed the escort and I didn't see that either until I nearly bumped into it, nor the tail section of the plane, I left it in the video just so you could see it.


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