11 Aug

Today I dived in a section of the River Avon by a small bridge on the boundary of a friend of a friends garden with a view to clearing out rubbish under the weir. (No payment and yes I did have surface cover) There was the usual collection of bottles and cans and surprisingly lots of old metal pipes that were too heavy to lift, plus a very heavy metal crate. The only decent find was a manufactured grappling hook which was used to drag fallen logs out of the river which had been lost over 10 years ago. The reason I dived my unit was that I had over 90 minutes left on the scrubber plus over 150 bar of Dil and O2 and I don't have any OC kit other than my bailouts, better than wasting it.

The deepest part was just 3 meters, but it was great fun, well worth the effort, in fact, worth a second visit to try and remove the heavier stuff sometime in the future.
As a point of interest, back in the mid 80's, I found a pre-Napoleonic bayonet in the River Wesser in North-West Germany. I made the video for the Lady that owns the section of river so she can see her fish that she feeds most days and also to prove that Vobster isn't the only place with bad viz at the minute.


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