11 Sep

There was a right mixed bag at Vobster yesterday with a couple of surprises, Christopher Clarke turned up and Linda Williams and Marcus Blatchford brought Poppy with them, she's a darling that won everybody's hearts, especially when she donned a JJ. Linda went in first for a skills session then Marcus for the second dive which was an MB tour. Robert Morgan went for a bimble with Chris so I can't report what went on there but they said they enjoyed it. Linda's skill session was cut short due to a leak on her unit at depth but was very useful none the less. Marcus Blatchford took us for one of his famous tours on which I saw things I've never seen before, I never knew we had a Lego-Land down there.
We swam through a few shoals of Fry and Fingerlings (I had to look that up, the collective noun for a shoal of baby fish) and played at 1 meter in the shallows. It was a terrific day as per usual. The only downside was there wasn't too much food to talk about, a few Jam Doughnuts, apple and blackberry pies and some Muffins. The staff got half anyway.
Here's a bit of video:


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