11 Aug

On Friday Jack and I grabbed a cheeky one, the weather wasn't too bad, Vobster wasn't too full and Jack had his scooter.  The plan, for me to be lazy and get towed around the attractions, it was awesome, I clipped a John line onto Jacks frame and off we went, it's the first time I've been towed, in effect, a trailer, it's harder than it looks trying to stay in the slipstream also it's a method to get disoriented faster.  We surfaced to get our bearings and found we were on the far side of the quarry by the furthest swim marker, so it was drop back down keep your shoulder next to the wall and in about a minute or 2 we were back at the caravan, so yes you can get lost quicker but also you can find your way back equally as fast. It was brill even when Jack took us through the chopper which was a bit of a surprise. Dive 2 was to stick to the 12 meter shelf and to play in the planes, the viz was pants so it wasn't a long dive.   Last week Hayley introduced us to Apple and Blackcurrent pies, OMG they are gorgeous, they would have really gone well with Jacks millionaire bites, but he did a Les and took them home.   There is a clip of some unusual wildlife in the quarry at the end of the video, here's the link:


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