12 Aug

Originally there was going to be 8 on the Sea Leopard for 8-9th August ‘20, unfortunately, due to compassionate leave Jack was excused, so Ty and Joe, Father and Son team Mark and Dan, Rob, Les and me, so after the mandatory HSE and COVID safety briefs we set off for the HMS Boudicea, a WWII Destroyer out of Portland.  All under the watchful eyes of Al, Freda and Minxy Wright.   It was a very sociable midday ropes off.   The sea was flat calm and just under 2 hours later we were on site, because the others arrived the night before and had pinched the best seats Rob, Les and I had the furthest positions from the lift, again!!! Al positioned the shot perfectly on the wreck, the Boudicea sits upright on a sandy seabed in about 51 metres of water and is absolutely covered in marine life and her armaments, guns, depth charge launchers, the depth charges themselves, an amazing wreck.   I had my Hugyfot housing for the GoPro but with 2 bailout cylinders felt it may have been too much so I bottled it and used my GoPro4 over my light for the video, I was kicking myself afterwards though.     It was such an enjoyable dive, and when Rob thumbed it at the 40 minute mark all 3 of us wished we could have stayed longer, which is always the danger of outstaying your welcome, as it was we had a further hour to get to the surface safely.   The Boudicea has certainly become one of my favourite wrecks and I can't wait for the return visit, how I'd never heard of it before was incredible.  It was brilliant having Les with us on a boat again, and apart from getting soaked through a leak I think he enjoyed it, mind you doing a 51 metre 110 minute runtime in a flooded suit, I have to take my hat off to him, well done, Les you're a star bar.Personally, I can't thank Al and Freda enough for their hospitality on the Sea Leopard, it was an amazing day, and the next day, Sunday was going to be the Salsette. To be continued..... see video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C41uZkf8030 

What a fantastic weekend we had aboard the Sea Leopard, hosted by Al, Freda and Minxy Wright. In all honesty, it was the best weekends diving I have had in years, the wrecks were sublime, (Boudiccea and Salsette) the weather incredible, our hosts amazing and we could not have asked for better dive buddies. Thank you so much to all for making it so, I'm still buzzing.

After an amazing sunset on Saturday evening, we were greeted to early ropes off at 7:00 am, Les had taken a soaking yesterday so sat this one out.   6 merry travellers were soon en route to the MV Salsette to dive the majestic P&O Liner in 46 metres.  Three pairs of Ty and Joe, Mark and Dan, and me and Rob.     It was my second time diving her and it was amazing, great viz, which was much disputed, some estimates put it at 4-6, personally, in parts it was definitely 6-8 metres anyway our run time was a generous 106 minutes and it was brilliant.  And I took the Hugyfot housing in Woo Hoo!!


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