During the event of Covid 19 Lockdown 1 we have been fortunate to have guest speakers talk about their various projects that they have been working on and these can be seen via Zoom links on our southern-divers facebook page.

The list of presenters and topics are below for those that want a reminder:   

Sat 28th March Marcus Blatchford Intro to Photogrammetry.  Not recorded

Sat 4th April Dave Gration Malta Heritage.    Not recorded

Sat 11th April Phil Short Gribshunden 1495 Baltic Sea Archaeology

Sat 18th April Ian France Veggfjellan IX, cave.

Sat 25th April Martin Robson The Blue Lake dive to 200+Meters

Sat 2nd May Tim Clements "Crater in the Ocean, a Cenote at 70 meters"

Sat 9th May Chris Lemons Last Breath.

Sat 16th May Phil Short Tulsamerican.

Sat 23rd May Connor Roe Thai Cave Rescue.    Not recorded

Sat 30th May Rick Ayrton The Britannic.

Sat 6th June David Russell The Kursk Incident

Sat 13th June Andy Torbet Technical; Diving on the TV.

Sat 20th June Dr Mark Turner PFO and DCI's.

Sat 27th June Martin Robson Digging to the Centre of the Earth.

Lockdown 2, the return:

Sat 14th November Gavin Newman Mini Subs

Sat 21st November Rachael Priest "Scapa Flow: Life beyond the wrecks...".

Sat 28th November Phil Short "30 years underground"

Lockdown 3, the final:

Saturday 16th January   Billy Baxter talking about life as a blindman.  An inspirational chat.

Saturday 30th January  Dennis Mears of Predator Drysuits, talking about looking after our Drysuits.

Saturday 13th February Ray Ives talking about his life underwater.

Saturday 27th February  John Halladay talking about Greenpeace, his involvement.

Saturday 6th March Rob Summers and Darren Hector talking about cylinders.

Saturday 13th March  Rick Ayrton talking about the Malin Head Classics.

 Saturday 27th March Aron Arngrimsson founder of Dirty Dozens Expeditions telling us about the amazing diving in Truk and Bikini

Thank you to all who participated both as audience, or as a presenter, you helped to keep us sane, now let's go diving, stay safe.